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From Aerial surveys to Property and events

Our Drones Can be used for a Wide Variety  of Tasks

For buildings and landscapes our aerial drones can obtain a totally new perspective from 2 or 3 feet off the ground to 400 feet. Unique, never before seen images and video can be quickly taken with our drones and we can review the images straight away. 

If you have property you want to advertise for sale we can give you the edge over your competition by completing aerial imagery of your business or property. Couple that with our professional interior photography and our fantastic 360° virtual tours and you have a winning solution!

Fully Qualified

For any commercial aerial photography and video in the UK you are required to use qualified companies that must meet strict guidelines and have the relevant experience and insurance. Leicesterphoto have below;

  • CAA Permission to Fly Commercially
  • BNUC-s Qualified Pilot
  • Fully Insured for Aerial Work
  • Pilot attended Phoenix UAV

Aerial Surveys

Our UAVs are extremely useful for any survey work required on buildings. Being able to quickly gain footage and images for surveys or insurance claims using a cost effective solution such as our drones save time and you gain instant results.


This technology is great for buildings and landscapes and our drones can get to places and heights impossible by any other means. We can work in built-up areas with planning and we follow strict safety guidelines with regard to flying.

White Label Service

If you are a digital agency looking for aerial solutions for your clients then you are in safe hands. We work with many digital agencies in supplying aerial imagery and other photographic solutions to their clients either as a ‘white label’ service or through LeicesterPhoto itself. We cover the whole of the UK and our rates are competitive. Call Chris on 07964 601638 for more information.

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