Our Equipment

Various drones for different tasks

A range of drones for different solutions

We only use DJI class drones for all our commercial work and we have three drones available. Because we have been in the commercial photography field for many years we have a fully equipped studio with professional grade monitors and workstations

Being commercial photographers we also have a wide range of professional cameras and lenses for any type of work. Be it 360° virtual work or architectural photography. We also have a mobile studio for product and other work.

DJI Mavic Pro’s

We have two Mavic Pro series DJI drones. These are fantastic professional drones offering fantastic image quality (12Mp and 21MP Hasselblad cameras) and up to 4k video. These are used on the majority of our projects.

Mavic Air

The smaller, lighter Mavic Air is great for quick tasks and very useful for interiors. This has a 12MP camera but again can shoot up to 4K video. The outstanding feature is its 360 panorama shots where it takes 23 images (32mp) which we stitch to use in our 360 VR tours.

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