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Full accredited for commercial work across the UK

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Unique Aerial Viewpoints with Fantastic Photography and Video

For the last four years we have been offering aerial video and photography in Leicester and across the UK.

We are a long standing professional photographic company supplying fantastic imagery and 360° virtual tours for many clients across the UK, and our drones offer us and our clients another exciting tool to add to our professional services.

Our drones give a whole new perspective to photographic projects and we can get fantastic images that are impossible by any other means.

We have real experience in flying our UAV’s safely and meet all the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority with our ‘permission to complete’ commercial work in the UK.

Covid-19 Update

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are looking at our services and how this will affect our clients for the foreseeable future. This is subject to change and updates as the situation changes and this section will be continually updated.
360° Virtual Tours and Aerial Photography
We will still be completing these as requested as these are deemed as low risk as we usually complete these alone or with minimal supervision. The photographer will have necessary disposable gloves, sanitiser and if required face masks. We can arrange these for out of hour operations and weekends if required.
Aerial photography is not affected as we complete this outside and usually alone.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fully Qualified

For any commercial aerial photography and video in the UK you are required to use qualified companies that must meet strict guidelines and have the relevant experience and insurance. Leicesterphoto have below;

  • CAA Permission to Fly Commercially
  • BNUC-s Qualified Pilot
  • Fully Insured for Aerial Work
  • Pilot attended Phoenix UAV

Aerial Photography

Add interest to your digital content by having aerial images or video of your project or business. These give clients a ‘birds-eye’ view which can really add impact to your online presence. We can shoot upto 4K resolution using our drones and up to 21MP.

Tell Your Story

Because of our knowledge of photography and video we know how to get the best out of our drones. Having many years experience in this sector really helps. Many clients use us because of our other skills in producing specialist photograph and 360° tours.

Aerial Services

We can use our UAVs for a variety of roles from completing work for venues and large estates to completing inspection of buildings and churches. We can produce Hi-Res static images and/or up to 4K video for your project.

  • Property Aerial Work
  • Venues and Parks
  • Agricultural Surveys
  • Film and Video Production
  • Events such as weddings

Aerial 360° Panoramas

We can now offer aerial 360° panoramas to either your Google 360° tour or our bespoke solutions. These are fantastic at giving your potential clients a ‘birds-eye view’ of your location.

Why Choose LeicesterPhoto?

We have been supplying National and local clients with our services all across the UK from Inverness to Bristol and London to Lancaster. We offer first class service with professional results, we not only create stunning aerial photography and video we can offer a wide range of Digital Content Solutions for your business.

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